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The main types of assessment built into our curriculum are responsive assessment (a quick and efficient means of assessing in the moment), formative assessment (assessing student understanding after a sequence of learning), performance assessment (assessing understanding at the end of term) and summative assessment (assessing understanding at the end of the year). 

Formative Assessment 

Students in year 7, 8 and 9 are assessed every two weeks during our timetabled assessment hour. During these sessions, the students answer multiple-choice questions based on the content from our curriculum. These sessions provide the students with retrieval practice to strengthen their long term memory and generates data for teachers on student understanding of current topics.  We call these sessions, ‘Formative Assessment Hour’ and each cycle, you are able to view the scores that your child received for each of their subjects, alongside a breakdown of which questions they got correct or incorrect (if looking at your child’s account).

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Performance Assessments

At the end of the term, students take performance assessments. The purpose of these are to assess student understanding of content taught in a term. Following each of these you will receive detailed feedback on areas of the curriculum performed well on and which areas still need some development. 

Summative Assessments

At the end of the year, students take summative assessments. The purpose of these are to access the student’s learning over the course of the year. In core subjects we also use standardised tests in Science, Maths and English. These tests provide us with data to help identify students who may need additional support and allow us to identify patterns of performance. In addition, it allows for a comparison of our students against a national data set.