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Our vision

We are absolutely committed to achieving excellence. In our school this should always encompass the twin aims of high wellbeing for young people and adults, alongside academic excellence. Maintaining both of these is our core purpose. 

Our learning

As a comprehensive school, we hold dear the idea of curriculum breadth. We want all of our students to experience a wide range of subjects from maths, English, sciences, humanities and languages, but retain a place for the performing and creative arts. We will offer broad pathways in our comprehensive schools that suit students’ prior attainment, and will always find the right course for our learners, rather than suiting any particular government performance measure.

We also accept our social responsibility to educate our students about important areas that do not fall neatly into subject categories, but are critical to young people being empowered citizens and intellectually capable. This includes the books we read in tutor time, and the homework scheme we call The Big Ideas that Shaped the World.

Our ethos

We believe that consistent hard work will always beat any notion of ‘talent’, without hard work. We aim to train all of our learners into the regular completion of homework, and constant hard work through the school day - and beyond - to build the habits necessary for success.

Our social responsibility

A marker of our educational excellence will be our students’ social impact. This means within the immediate community around our school, across Sutton and more widely, even on the international stage. This could include volunteering, raising funds or making other forms of contribution. We want excellent academic results that allow pupils to enter the next phase of their education, but also productive citizens as they move into adulthood.

“Greenshaw has always been very supportive. The professionalism, patience, tolerance and care shown to us all as a family is really appreciated." – a parent

“Our son has absolutely flourished at Greenshaw since leaving school as a very shy and anxious Year 6. His progress is on track and he is a very happy young man." – a Year 7 parent