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Greenshaw High School

Communication with parents

At Greenshaw Sixth Form we know that parents play an important part in our students’ academic lives – there to help guide them in the decisions they make, and support them through their studies.

Research shows that a student’s success at school is directly influenced by the amount of support given by families, therefore we take every opportunity to keep families informed of progress, achievements and, when necessary, concerns. It is our firm belief that the support of parents is critical in determining the success of our Sixth Form students.

To this end we send out regular progress reports via Frog. These reports indicate how well your child is progressing on their courses and give an indication of levels of attendance. Once your child has joined our Sixth Form, parents must register with Frog to access the reports we send home. (Details of this will be emailed to all parents during the autumn term).

We use email extensively to keep parents/carers in touch with what is happening in the sixth form generally and to inform you of any specific issues that may arise with your child. We send text messages to students and parents/carers when necessary. The school also publishes a monthly newsletter with specific information for each year group.

Parents are welcome to discuss with staff members their child’s progress or some other matter associated with their schooling or general well-being. In this instance, you may communicate by phone, letter or email.

A full list of staff contact emails is available on the school website here.

Parents who currently have children in the Sixth Form will be able to find key information and presentations on this page through the academic year