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Career guidance

Route to Success, the Greenshaw Sixth Form careers programme, is introduced during Year 12 tutorial sessions and continues throughout sixth form. The programme supports students with their decision-making in a number of ways. We make prospectuses available, introduce them to on-line platforms, organise day trips, invite representatives from universities and industry to speak and offer personal advice about possible choices.

For those who choose university, we offer a comprehensive support programme for the completion of the UCAS process. Following the receipt of final A Level results, we continue to offer support to students in finalising the places they have chosen.

For students who decide that university is not for them, we offer the same level of support and guidance. Careers meetings are arranged and support given in the application process. Where possible, we will help to organise work experience placements and do all that we can to help students place themselves in their chosen career.

Students are guided closely for university application or vocational opportunities. Mrs Sone, Head of Careers, is available in The Compass to address any enquiries related to careers, and offers advice guidance accordingly. Mrs Sone can be contacted at

Following their time at Greenshaw, students take a variety of paths. The majority continue their education at university, some choose to enter their chosen profession whilst others opt for a gap year, either to broaden their experience of the world or to take a little more time to decide upon the direction they wish to take.

The current Greenshaw Careers Provider Access Policy and Careers Policy can be downloaded  here.