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Greenshaw High School

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

"Uplearn has really been beneficial and has helped to improve my knowledge in particular subjects. Overall, has made a significant impact on my A Level grades and has really motivated me in targetting the top grades possible." – Rijey, Year 13 student

We are actively committed to making sure all students are capable of achieving their full potential at
A Level. Our courses are all taught by subject specialists, and our students make excellent progress across the curriculum. Some of the opportunities used to support teaching and learning include: 

  • Frog (online platform) is used to record homework, monitor progress, upload central resources to support student learning and share best practice resources.
  • Uplearn is used in maths, science, economics and psychology to monitor and track student progress and share best practice videos.
  • Study skills manager to support revision, organisation and study techniques needed for A Level success.
  • Portfolio development opportunities for students doing creative subjects in Year 12 and Year 13.
  • Y13 subject representatives to support independent study in Year 12. 


The main purpose of assessment is to support and promote the progress and development of the individual student. We believe, therefore, that assessment is part of the process whereby students come to feel valued as individuals, to acquire a positive self-image and to take pride in their achievements. 

To monitor progress throughout the two years, we hold a four weekly assessment cycle. During this time, students sit an hour long assessment for each of their subjects. At the end of Year 12, we hold end of year exams. Students must average the minimum expected grade to automatically continue with a course into Year 13. There are additional mock exams in November and February.

Students are expected to make regular assessments of their own progress. From time to time, therefore, they will be asked to evaluate their work and achievements over a given period of time. Where students need more support to be successful in assessments this will always be offered through individual conversations, targeted interventions and seminars. Mrs Reid, Study Skills Manager, runs our hugely successful ‘Pathway B’ scheme to support students who may need additional support in ensuring they are successful in their A Level studies. In supporting Year 12 students in preparing for mock exams, we also have a large team of Year 13 subject representatives who develop peer mentor relationships and share best practice with students to develop subject matter and exam techniques.

We provide information to parents and carers at regular intervals to support the partnership that needs to exist between home and school in providing for the welfare of the individual.

For each year group, there is a consultation evening, when parents are invited to meet individual subject teachers. At a different time, parents of students in all years receive a report on the student’s progress in each subject, the effort they make to achieve and the level of their attainment. Areas for development will also be identified. Assessment and attendance information is securely published and available for parents through the school’s digital platform, Frog.