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Greenshaw High School


Attendance and punctuality

Full and punctual attendance of lessons is an expectation we have of all students. Students who are persistently late to class, or who are absent without good reason, will be jeopardising their place in the Sixth Form. Parents/carers can check their child's attendance on the school’s digital platform, Frog. 

If there is a legitimate reason for absence, then parents must contact the school on each day of absence and be aware that further medical evidence may be requested. Students who fall below our expectations of attendance and punctuality will always be put on an Attendance Action Plan which will include parent meetings, goal setting and review points for students to improve in these areas.

Non-contact periods

Students will have on their timetables periods that are classified as free, ie non-contact periods. We expect that students will use this time for private study and that any non-contact periods will be spent in the Sixth Form study areas completing work where they must register with the Sixth Form reception.

It is compulsory for Year 12 and 13 students to be on site from 8.25am for registration on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. There is no registration on Monday and Friday. Year 12 students are encouraged to remain on-site until 3.00pm to engage in independent study, although they are allowed off site for lunch. Year 13 students are only expected to be on site for morning registration and their lessons, although we strongly recommend them remaining on site in their independent study hours and studying in the SRC at these times.