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Greenshaw High School


Student behaviour in our school is bound by five simple expectations. Each of these embodies respect for learning, for fellow students and the adults that work in our school. We know that if students follow these expectations then they will be successful in their learning, and positive members of our community.

  • Be ready to learn: students should be fully equipped for each lesson, and committed to learning from their entrance to the classroom.
  • Persevere with learning: we want students to strive to achieve their best, even when presented with new topics or difficult ideas.
  • Be safe and considerate: at all times our students should consider the safety of others and their own, and always act in a way that thinks about others.
  • Do as asked first time: students should always follow instructions. This allows teachers to teach and students to learn.
  • Show respect to staff, students and the school: courtesy and kindness are as essential aspects of our students being successful as their excellent examination results.

The school's Behaviour Policy can be found here.