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Big Ideas

We accept our social responsibility to educate our students about important areas that do not fall neatly into subject categories, but are critical to young people becoming empowered citizens and intellectually capable. This includes the books we read in tutor time, and the programme we call The Big Ideas that Shaped Our World.

The Big Ideas That Shaped Our World is a programme created by teachers at Greenshaw, which aims to broaden students’ knowledge of the world and its history.

At the same time, it develops students’ vocabulary and introduces them to ideas, people, works of art and cultural artefacts that they might not otherwise encounter. We believe that all of these things are fundamental to the education of our young people to enable them to become an informed and well-rounded member of society.

From the Classical World to the revolutionary concepts in Postmodernism, students can engage with the broad range of human ideas – in philosophy, history, literature, religion, geography, art, design, science  and technology – that all contribute to not only the world we experience today, but also to understanding any higher level academic study. Having encountered this range of fascinating concepts, students can start to discover their own passions and interests for further study, and begin to explore it – with all the excitement, satisfaction and joy which that will bring.
To complement and extend the independent learning of students about these 'Big Ideas,' we also run a series of lectures from visiting academics, working as experts at the country's finest universities.

Our students will also be able to discover more fascinating information about the Ancient World from visiting lecturers – leading academics from some of the UK’s top universities have been invited to speak to students across a variety of topics.