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Meet the team

Meet our Year 7 team.

Head of Year 7 - Miss Wiffill

                                     Ms Wiffill is the Head of Year 7.


Ms Malcolm - Deputy Head of Year 7

Ms Malcolm is Deputy Head of Year 7.

Mrs Cordes – SEN Lead 

Mrs Cordes has worked in the inclusion department at Greenshaw High School since September 2000. In her current role, she has responsibility for identifying students who have special educational needs and co-ordinates the provision required to support them in class on a daily basis.

She also manages our specialist provision, the Speech and Language department, and has responsibility for all of our students who are on the autistic spectrum. Mrs Cordes provides our students with the support they need – to remove their barriers to learning and enable them  to access the curriculum and achieve their potential.

Ms Moran – SENCO 

Ms Moran is the SENCo at Greenshaw. She leads all the SEN teams within the school.