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Year 12 students in the Greenshaw Sixth Form study three A Level courses. The entry requirement is a minimum of five full GCSEs at grade B or above.

The grade profile must also contain grade 5 or better in both mathematics and English language. Individual subjects may have specific requirements, e.g. to start a geography course, a GCSE in geography at grade 6 or above is required. Please read our course booklet for the full details of our available courses and the entry requirements.

Subjects on offer for 2021-22 are as follows:

3D Design Technology, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Classics, Dance, Drama & Theatre, Economics, English, Fashion Textiles, Food and Nutrition, French, Geography, Graphic Design, History, Mathematics, Further Maths, Media Studies, Philosophy, Photography, Physical Education, Physics, Politics, Psychology, Sociology and Spanish.

The course booklet and application form will be available following the open evening on 19th November 2020.

A Level Mathematics from September 2020
If you are considering choosing A Level Mathematics, you will need to achieve a grade 6 or above at GCSE. In order to help you make the transition to Year 1 A Level Mathematics, the department has produced a very useful booklet that contains examples and practice questions that you are expected to read through and attempt BEFORE starting the course in September. It will be useful for all A Level Mathematics students to remember how to work through the following topics:

  1. Factorising
  2. Rearranging equations
  3. Completing the square
  4. Solving quadratics - factorising
  5. Expanding brackets and simplifying expressions
  6. Surds
  7. Indices
  8. Simultaneous equations
  9. Inequalities
  10. Straight line graphs

Please download the booklet and examples booklet below.