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What is the course about?

We do not always like politicians and the decisions that governments make, but the business of politics touches every aspect of our lives. Whilst we might criticise governments for some of their policies, it is certainly better than having no government at all. Society would not function without an elected body to decide, for example, what taxes will be levied, how those taxes will be spent on services like health and education or how the country will be defended. No matter whether government makes you feel angry or reassured, it is vital to have a knowledge of how the whole process of an elected government works.

This popular A Level gives you the knowledge to understand how political participation and government work, in the UK and the USA and an opportunity to look at the political philosophies behind ideologies. The course is designed to encourage students to develop their critical thinking skills and enhance their ability to interpret, evaluate and comment on the nature of politics.

Course content

Units 1 and 2: Comparative Government and Politics of the UK and USA

  • Democracy
  • Elections
  • Political Parties
  • Pressure Groups
  • The EU
  • The Constitution
  • Government
  • Parliamentary process
  • The Judiciary
  • Civil Rights

Unit 3: Political Ideas

  • Liberalism
  • Conservatism
  • Socialism
  • Feminism


  • Unit 1 – Written exam 2 hours.
  • Unit 2 – Written exam 2 hours.
  • Unit 3 – Written exam 2 hours.

Career pathways

Many students who have taken A Level Politics go on to study politics at university. From there, you might become a researcher, join local or national government or even start on the path to become a future prime minister. There are other job options such as a career in journalism, the media, teaching or working in the legal profession.

Entry criteria

Grade 6 (or higher) in GCSE English or History.