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What is the course about?

Inflation, double dip recession and Bank of England base rates are just some of the widely used terms in the news today. Have you ever wondered what they mean and how they impact you?

Studying economics will enable you understand the complex world of business, finance, UK and international government policy and some of the other fundamental forces that affect our lives. Our aim is to equip you with a concrete understanding of competing economic theories and models. You will gain the knowledge and skill necessary to analyse relevant issues and take part in interesting discussions. So when you watch the news and hear‘ house prices fall to a 15 year low’, or ‘the value of the pound fell by 2% against the dollar’, you will understand why, how, and the effect it will have on our economy. It is not necessary for you to have studied economics before.

Course content

  • Unit 1 – Markets and market failure
  • Unit 2 – National and international economy


  • Three end of course exams.

Career pathways

Economist, analyst, researcher or adviser to the government, journalism, law, accountancy, management or the financial sector.

Entry criteria

Minimum of grade 6 in GCSE English Language or English Literature and a minimum of grade 6 in mathematics.