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Greenshaw High School

Extended Project Qualification

What is the course about?

This qualification is run by Greenshaw as a way of preparing students for the rigours of independent study at university. It is highly valued by many universities for this reason, and some may improve offers based on successful EPQ grades. It will help develop key skills such as resilience, time management, research, responsiveness, adaptability, written and verbal communication skills, and fundamental thinking skills. Most importantly, the project is an opportunity to demonstrate a love of learning for its own sake.

Course content

There will be approximately 30 hours taught skills which will enable students to select titles, plan, write and present their products. Students are expected to do approximately 90 hours of independent work in total. Each student will have a senior staff member as a supervisor and mentor, but the work is expected to be completed independently.

In recent years, projects were submitted on a wide range of topics including: benign dictatorships, malaria, aerodynamics, nanotechnology in cancer medicine, dentistry phobias, horror, expressing American racism photographically, intelligent design, and the IRA.


Assessment looks at your ability to manage a project successfully over time, to synthesise research and to reflect and amend your own learning. You will be invited to submit a range of evidence including a written report and an oral presentation.

Students will typically produce a 5,000 word dissertation on their topic which should reflect a wide range of research that answers a critical enquiry. Alternatively, students may produce an artefact such as an art exhibit or installation, a performance, a piece of creative writing or even a smart phone application which has been created as a result of critical research, and submit this with a 1,000 word analysis and evaluation.

Career pathways

An EPQ may have links to your chosen profession, but it is primarily designed for those wishing to pursue university degrees as it is skills-based.

Entry criteria

Students will be selected on the basis of their academic performance and their skills in self- management during the first part of their Year 12 studies. Prior GCSE achievements will also be taken into consideration during the application process. This is not a formal option, but an additional one, and the course starts mid-way through Year 12.