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Economics aims to give students an understanding of how society attempts to maximise happiness and well being through the allocation of resources. Students will learn how markets create wealth and benefits by using prices to decide what is and what is not to be produced.

Students will explore how the government intervenes in the economy to improve markets that fail to produce an efficient and fair allocation of resources. They will also learn how the government and government bodies influences the economy as a whole through the use of fiscal and monetary policy to target objectives such as economic growth, inflation, unemployment and the balance of payments.

The course will help students develop an understanding of how society creates wealth and improvements in living standards, reasons why economic changes occur, to be able to make suggest ways to improve economic outcomes and evaluate how effective policy is. Our lessons aim to engage students and give them a feel for what to expect when they go into the real world of industry. Economics is also a highly regarded A Level by universities and industry. 

Downloads to help with classwork, extended work or coursework, can be found on Frog.

Mr S Wallis is Head of Economics. Other members of the team are Mr A Gardner.