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Food Preparation and Nutrition

The food preparation and nutrition department teaches Key Stage 3 cooking skills, paired with knowledge of nutrients which allows all students to follow a healthy diet.

Due to COVID-19 procedures, students will no longer be carrying out practical lessons. Instead, this provides them with useful time to cover important theory topics:

  • Year 7 students are looking at nutrition and health in a lot more detail.  
  • Year 8 students are learning about the importance of macro and micro nutrients, as well as food science. 
  • Year 9 students are continuing to learn about commodities and food provenance. 
  • Year 10 and 11 students will be preparing for their coursework and end of year exam. 
In Key Stage 4, students are taught the Food Preparation and Nutrition course; they learn a variety of high skill cooking techniques as well as in depth knowledge behind the science of cooking food. 
Miss Bowles is Head of Food Preparation and Nutrition. Other members of staff are Miss Webber-Aucutt and Mrs K Vickery.