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Greenshaw High School


We offer our students a coherent and diverse curriculum, which takes them beyond their own everyday lives and helps them to understand the modern world. Our aim is to equip students with secure chronological knowledge and the ability to think and write like historians with confidence and flair.

Our students immerse themselves in the past through reading booklets, sources and historical scholarship. Skills are embedded inside a knowledge-rich curriculum, with concepts and skills tracked to increase in complexity. 

We explore a range of historical periods, in carefully considered levels of breadth and depth. At KS3 the students trace the makings of the modern world from the medieval period to the present day, gaining an insight into power and control and how this has shifted considerably. At KS4, students explore in more depth some of the most important periods in history, developing their skills as historians to analyse sources and interpretations with increasing sophistication. By KS5, history students at Greenshaw hone their understanding of the diverse interpretations of history to harness their own critical voice. 

The department runs a range of trips, including Dover Castle in Year 7 and the WWI battlefields in Year 8.

Key Stage 3 

What are the Big Ideas in history?


How are these developed through Years 7 to 9?


What topics are used to explore these ideas?

GCSE History 

GCSE History

GCSE History Teaching Schedule

A Level History 

A Level History

A Level History Teaching Schedule

Downloads to help with classwork, extended work or coursework, can be found on Frog.

Mr D Bell is Head of Department, Miss S McDonagh is Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator. Other members of the department are Ms N Giny, Mr R Kearns, Mrs N Pearse, Ms D Ridley-Hammond, Mr S Warner and Miss F Weatherhead.