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In the turbulent political climate that we have today, it is more important than ever to develop an
in-depth understanding of the modern world, and an insight into the political beliefs which underpin it. This is what studying politics will provide. 

Through the AQA A Level Politics course, students examine the British and American political systems, assessing and evaluating the differences between them. This includes topics such as voter behaviour (why did people vote for Trump in 2016?) and whether direct democracy can be beneficial for countries (including Brexit). Students have the opportunity to analyse the works of some of the greatest political thinkers in the modern age through the political ideologies units, considering how far each ideology (socialism, liberalism, conservatism and feminism) is cohesive. 

A Level Government and Politics 

A Level Government and Politics

Teaching Schedule

Downloads to help with classwork and homework can be found on Frog

Mr D Edwards is Head of Politics. Miss S McDonagh is also part of the team.