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Classics is a fusion of literature, art, drama, philosophy and history focused on the Ancient Greek and Roman world. Learning about the classical world gives students the opportunity to discover fascinating and highly influential cultures. Students will specifically look at the history of the Roman Republic, the literature of the Greek and Roman worlds, and the art and architecture of Ancient Greece.

As one of the only comprehensive schools in the country that offers the study of Latin at GCSE, we have seen consistently increasing numbers benefiting from the study of the ancient language. Learners achieve a strong understanding of the Latin language, as well as the civilisation of the Romans and the literature of the time. The wide scope of classics provides students with a wide skill set and a critical approach to thinking.

In recent years, the classics department has organised school trips to Athens, Rome and to the more local sites of Fishbourne Roman Palace and Bath. Alongside the Big Ideas that Shaped the World programme, the classics department has welcomed university professors to give lectures and seminars to our learners.

Mr D Bell is Head of Classics. Mr J Derrick and Miss N Wiffill are also part of the team.

Downloads to help with classwork, extended work or coursework, can be found on Frog.