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At Key Stage 3, our students develop their mathematical skills covering the topics of number, calculations, fractions, 2D geometry, algebra, proportion, 3D geometry and statistics. At Key Stage 4, students prepare for the Edexcel GCSE Mathematics exam.

Staff seek to inspire and motivate their students and the subject is presented in a wide variety of ways including those using technology such as computers and interactive whiteboards. We look for opportunities to extend our higher attaining students and arrange various activities including entry into UK Maths Challenge competitions.

Mathematics is a very popular option at Key Stage 5 and we offer A levels in both Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

Downloads to help with classwork, extended work or coursework, can be found on Frog.

Mr V Nair is Head of Mathematics,  Miss H Oliver is Deputy Head of Mathematics. Mrs I Khan is Head of Statistics.

Other members of the team are: Mr T Best, Miss R Blackham, Mr H Claisse, Mrs S Ernstzen, Miss A Fingleton, Mr E Francis-Hewitt, Mr D Garvey, Miss N Goodwin, Ms H Kinczel, Mr D Jones, Mr D Mooten and Mr L Suaverdez.

Please find below a booklet for download for Year 11 students who are going into Year 12 Maths A Level.