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Science is an exciting and dynamic learning experience, particularly for our younger students, many of whom enter a specialist science laboratory for the first time. Science club for members of Year 7 is designed to enrich the students’ understanding of science and links school science with everyday life, while Science Week celebrates events nationwide.

All students at Greenshaw study science from Years 7 through to Year 11. In all years, students have the opportunity to learn through a variety of methods, whether this be practical experiments or class discussions.

In Year 10 and 11, all students complete combined science or triple science using the AQA trilogy specification:

  • Combined Science – chemistry, biology, physics (compulsory, unless studying triple science) – two GCSE grades.
  • Triple Science – chemistry, biology, physics – three GCSE grades.

At post-16, students can choose to follow either A Level Biology, A Level Chemistry or A Level Physics using the OCR A specification. During A Level studies, students participate in enrichment and extension activities, developing their understanding and skill within science. In common with other departments, the science team connects with universities, organising speakers to visit Greenshaw and talks and activities at universities. Both Year 12 and Year 13 students are encouraged to attend numerous university summer schemes and lectures. Throughout the year, students represent the school in science competitions, such as Salter’s Top of the Bench competition.

Key Stage 3 

What are the Big Ideas in science?

How are these developed through Years 7 to 8?

What topics are used to explore these ideas?

Year 9 

What are the Big Ideas in science?

What topics are used to explore these ideas?

GCSE Combined and Triple Science 

GCSE Combined and Triple Science

GCSE Combined Science Teaching Schedule

GCSE Triple Science Teaching Schedule

A level Sciences 

A Level Biology, Chemistry and Physics

A Level Biology Teaching Schedule

A Level Chemistry Teaching Schedule

A Level Physics Teaching Schedule

Resources to help with classwork or extended work, can be found on Frog.

Miss N Haq – Head of Science (currently on maternity leave), Mr N Walpole - Head of Science (Acting), Dr K Hirst – Head of Biology, Miss T Navaratnam – Head of Chemistry, Mr J Dowie – Head of Physics, Dr A Grey-Areben – KS3 Coordinator, Mr T Evans – KS4 Combined Science Coordinator, Miss V Frewin - KS4 Triple Science Coordinator and Mrs S Carran – Environmental sustainability Coordinator.

Other members of the team are: Mrs D Ayres, Mr M Clarke, Ms H Corea, Mrs T Forno, Miss L Hill, Miss J Hyam, Miss K Ioannides, Ms A Jarrall, Mr J Mirtschin and Miss K Scruton.

Members of the science technician team are Mrs A Sturdy and Mrs J Ingle.