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Greenshaw High School

Staff contacts by department

Alternative Provision

Head: Miss S Webb –
Coordinator – Mrs T Harrington –

Art & Design

Head: Miss A Paisley –
Head of Fashion/Textiles: Mr B Broniecki –
KS3 Coordinator: Miss N Wiffill –
KS4 Coordinator: Mr D Rollins –
KS5 Coordinator: Miss Z Haylock –
Miss L Alton –
Miss T Cameron –
Mr D Clarke –
Mr T Farrell –
Miss D Mountford –
Miss A Rogers –

Child Development

Head: Mrs N Leppard –
Mrs S Ernstzen –


Head of Classics: Mr D Bell –


Head: Miss A Brailsford –
Drama – Mr L Burgess –


Head: Mr S Trafford –
KS3 Coordinator: Mrs E Doherty –
KS4 Coordinator: Mr J Richards –
KS5 Coordinator: Miss K Rogers-Hinks –
Miss A Bednarz (currently on maternity leave) –
Mrs S Christy –
Mr R Cooksey –
Mr J Derrick –
Miss R Evans –
Ms L Jane -
Miss E Rider –
Mrs S Robb –
Mr P Stock –
Miss A Vairavanathan –
Miss C Wadey –
Ms D White –

Food Preparation and Nutrition

Head: Miss M Bowles –
Miss K Webber-Aucutt –


Head: Mr A McMillan –
KS4 Coordinator: Mr M Cowie –
KS3 Coordinator: Miss K Hall –
Mr A Barnes –
Mr T Booth –
Miss S Mighty –


Head: Miss K Duce –
KS3 Coordinator: Mr D Bell –
Head of Politics: Mr D Edwards –
Miss S McDonagh –
Miss E Mulligan –
Mrs N Pearse –
Miss N Reynolds –
Miss F Weatherhead –


Head: Mr V Nair –
Deputy Head: Miss H Oliver –
KS4 Maths Coordinator, Statistics Coordinator: Mrs I Khan –
Mr T Best –
Miss R Blackham –
Mr H Claisse –
Mrs S Ernstzen –
Miss A Fingleton –
Mr E Francis-Hewett –
Mr D Garvey –
Miss N Goodwin –
Ms H Kinczel –
Mr D Jones –
Mr D Mooten –
Mr L Suaverdez –
Miss U Umeyor –

Media Studies

Mr N House –
Mr D Rollins –

Modern Languages

Head: Mrs M Sayarh –
KS3 Coordinator: Miss L Planas –
Miss Z Coates –
Miss M Decret –
Miss J Hughes –


Head: Mr S Prezioso –

Physical Education

Head: Miss R Graham –
Acting Head of Dance: Miss B Walker – 
KS3 Coordinator: Mr J Fuller –
Miss K Armstrong –
Mr G Carter –
Mr M Feenan –
Mr C Higgins –
Mr C Johnson –
Miss B Walker –
Miss V Walters –


Head: Miss S Webb –
Mrs J Fice –
Mr L Burgess –
Mrs T Harrington –

Religious Studies

Head: Miss M Mbema –
KS3 Assessment Support: Miss L Sztypuljak –
Miss S Larkin –
Mrs V Roberts –


Head of Science: Miss N Haq –
Deputy Head of Science: Miss S Atkins –
Head of Biology: Dr K Hirst –
Head of Physics: Mr J Dowie –
KS4 Coordinator: Mrs T Forno –
KS3 Coordinator (Acting): Mr N Walpole –
KS3 Coordinator (currently on maternity leave): Mrs S Allison –
Environmental Sustainability Coordinator: Mrs S Carran –
Miss D Ayres –
Mr M Clarke –
Mr T Dale –
Mr T Evans –
Miss V Frewin –
Dr A Grey-Areben –
Miss L Hill –
Miss K Ioannides –
Mr J Mirtschin –
Dr D Pereira Lopes –
Miss K Scruton –
Miss K Sundarrajan –

Social Sciences

Director: Mr A Gardner –
Head of Psychology: Miss S Adams –
Head of Economics: Mr S Wallis –
Head of Sociology: Mr J Jones –
Mr M Bock –
Ms L Buchanan –
Miss C Ishola –
Mrs L Wallace –