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Greenshaw High School

Headteacher’s welcome

Welcome to our website. At Greenshaw High School, we believe that we have a key role to play in enabling the students entering our school to be happy and successful members of society by the time they leave. Too often in modern education, schools can feel pressured into becoming ‘exam factories’ that are narrowly focused on exam results above all else.

In our school, we have two equal priorities: great student wellbeing and fantastic exam results.

At Greenshaw, the students and staff work very, very hard to ensure the best academic results.  For example, in 2019 over a quarter of our Year 11 students attained a grade 7 or higher (previously A grade at GCSE) in English, and just under one in four did the same in Maths. 11% of all GCSE passes were at grades 9 and 8 (the new highest grade), and unsurprisingly that sets up our Year 11 students for future success. In our sixth form, students achieve results in the top 25% of the country, and they go on to some of the best university courses in the world.

However, I do not want these results to come at the cost of young people’s wellbeing. Staff are conscious of the pressures on young people in the modern world, whether from the influence of social media or more challenging examinations. All staff are aware of the importance of promoting student welfare, and we maintain a department of non-teachers to support students with mental health and wellbeing.

I also believe that happiness comes from feeling engaged with your community and knowing that you are making a positive contribution. Within the last year, students in our school have volunteered at a food bank, collected items for a women’s refuge and raised funds for a cancer charity, all in Sutton. More widely, we have committed to global development with biennial expeditions overseas – with the most recent seeing a group of students and staff build community facilities in Zambia.

At Greenshaw High School, we are committed to excellence in all aspects of students’ school life whether academic, social or personal. This combination embodies the true values of education and I hope is something you want to find out more from the pages of this website, or by visiting us at work.

Mr Nick House, Headteacher

“The best community of teachers that I could ever have hoped for. The patience, care, loyalty and commitment of a group of people who have walked alongside my son through his tribulations, challenges and successes in his time at the school” – a parent.