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Geography students investigate the River Wandle

GCSE Geography students were undertaking their field work this week.

This week, the Year 10 geography students have had the opportunity to visit the River Wandle in Beddington Park to undertake their GCSE field work.

They had to work as a team to measure the width and depth of the river at five different sites along the river’s course. The students were investigating the geographical theory that the river channel would get deeper and wider as it travelled downstream. To complete this, students needed to get into the river at each site along its course. In some cases, the river level was quite high after all the recent rain we have had, which meant that it exceeded critical welly height and unfortunately there were some rather wet feet!

Students worked excellently in groups, helping each other and communicating well, despite their soggy socks and muddy knees. It was a brilliant opportunity for the students to see how their learning in class applied to a real-world scenario.

Well done to everyone involved. The work the students completed on these field trips directly informs their answers for the Geographical Applications exam paper 3 which will be taken in May 2020.

Miss Hall, Geography Teacher