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Speaking out!

Three students shared their speeches during recent assemblies.

Jack Petchy's Speak Out Challenge has taken over assemblies throughout January, with three amazingly talented Year 10 students presenting personal speeches to all year groups. Alison, Anwar, and Alessandra have stood up on stage and courageously shared three incredible and poignant speeches with each year group in order to share their passionate ideas and spread an important message. What is Beauty? from Alison invited all students to question the intense beauty standards that society holds them to and that they might inadvertently inflict on others. Family Tree from Anwar reminded all students to care for the ones who care for you, because while there is joy and love in the world - there is also loss as well. Pro-Respect from Alessandra questioned the double standards that extremist views on abortion can inflict on the most vulnerable women in society.

The Speak Out Challenge is all about building confidence and recognising the power of words when shared with intention and genuine belief. The ability to speak up for what we believe in, what we think is right, and what we think should change are, always have been, and always will be incredibly important skills for the progression of society. These speeches have not only been food for thought for all students and staff that saw them, but hopefully an inspirational message to everyone that using your voice is a powerful and rewarding tool.

One of these three speeches will be moving on to compete at the Sutton Regional Finals, but all of them have impacted the school.

Miss Wilcox, English Teacher