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important update

You may be aware that there have been some fire engines at our site this morning.

We had a small chemical spill within a contained stock cupboard on the science corridor early this morning. We contacted the Fire Brigade who arranged for the safe removal of this substance, to ensure that there was no hazard. No students have been at risk of exposure to this. The Fire Brigade arrived just after 10am, and were on our site for less than two hours.

Classes were swapped off the science corridor for one lesson after break to absolutely ensure safety, and that was the total impact of the Fire Brigade’s visit to our site. For those students who were affected this morning, they behaved impeccably, and staff ensured that any additional movement of students happened in a calm and organised way.

I appreciate that many of our students may have been totally unaware of this, and you may not even get told about this by your son or daughter. However, I thought you would like to be reassured and hear the facts first hand.

Nick House, Headteacher