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Greenshaw is keen to support students who wish to observe Ramadan.

Ramadan is expected to begin on 27th May and ends on 26th June. There will be many individuals observing the religious month of fasting at their own levels of participation. Ramadan is the month where Muslims should make some sacrifices and some improvements to their lives and the lives of others. There may well be a number of our students undertaking fasting during the school day.

Greenshaw is keen to support students who wish to observe Ramadan, whether by fasting or by focussing on spirituality and prayer, or through their commitment to ethical living.

Where students wish to fast, we would like them to discuss this in advance with their parents, to ensure that it is a positive experience both from a religious and an educational perspective. We would also like students and/or their parents to let tutors know, so that we are aware of who may need support during this period. The school expects that fasting students are likely to continue to want to be involved in all aspects of school life, but if there are particular concerns parents would like to raise, please do contact the form tutor.

The school will also endeavour to provide additional space for Zuhr prayer, as we understand that students may feel they would like to pray during the lunch break. As well as this we will endeavour to provide some space away from the lunch areas for those students who would like to avoid them. Unfortunately, Greenshaw does not have dedicated prayer space, but students will be informed of what support is available.

Please contact Mr. Ferguson if you would like any further information or support