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Year 7 trip to Marchants Hill

Group 2 have arrived safely back to Greenshaw.

7th November

Our first group of Year 7 students are gathering in the Sports Hall with their form tutors, getting ready to head off for an action-packed few days at PGL in Marchants Hill near Hindhead. We will post news of their activities as we receive it here, and on the school's Twitter feed.

All students and staff have arrived safely at Marchants Hill. Let the fun begin!

7DBL enjoying raft building.







Singing by the campfire.

8th November

And a good morning from Marchants Hill!







It's a cold and frosty morning at Marchants Hill. But our students are having great fun.

7VWL team building.

7KTC launching their raft this afternoon.

Tuesday night shop time and warm dinner options.

9th November

Group 2 – 7ABD, 7MCW, 7RL and 7MH – have all arrived safely at Marchant's Hill.

Group 1 are expected back to Greenshaw about 2.45pm this afternoon.

10th November

Just a few of the activities that our second group of Year 7s are tackling!

11th November

Our final day of fun!

The second group of Year 7s left Marchants Hill at 1.15pm and are due to arrive back at Greenshaw at 2.30pm. Please park with care if you are picking your child up at this time and depart swiftly to ensure the safety of all students.