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Greenshaw High School

National Science Week

National Science and Engineering was packed full of exciting and mind-boggling activities.

National Science and Engineering Week at Greenshaw was packed full of exciting and mind-boggling activities.

The week was kicked off with a science quiz, followed by an afternoon session of thrilling experiments with methane rockets, fireworks and methane bubbles.

On Thursday, students attended science film club at lunchtime - watching dolphins having a whale of a time. This was followed by an afternoon session in which students dissected squid to discover their squid’s pen and ink.

On Friday, a Science Museum outreach team visited Greenshaw to lead a thrilling itinerary of scientific activities. Firstly, Year 8 students watched an entertaining and informative presentation called It Takes Guts. There were many grimaces and groans as they watched how food makes it way through the digestive system.

Next up was an engineering challenge for selected Year 9, 10 and 11 students, who competed to build the most efficient water transporter. Many interesting solutions were constructed and were very successful.

Finally, all Year 7 students explored the cool things that can be done with liquid nitrogen in The Supercool Show. They watched how different materials behaved when they were frozen and heated – there were many bangs and explosions in the main hall.
Science Teacher, Miss Jacobs, said: “After a successful week of fun, the science department is already looking forward to what is in store for next year!”