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Greenshaw High School

Election news at Greenshaw

Greenshaw held its own mock General Election on May 7th.

Greenshaw held its own mock General Election on May 7th. Our purpose was to get young people involved in the process of voting and elections. The ideas for Greenshaw parties were raised in an assembly by Mr House. Students who expressed an interest in politics created the parties: Tomorrow, Progress, Vision and Transform. Each party created policies, manifestos, advertising posters and flyers, together with their own broadcasts, outlining topics such as education, transport, and health amongst others.

Students wholeheartedly involved themselves in the canvassing of support. All students in Years 7 to 10 had the opportunity to vote during the day and during period 5 the ballot team had the responsibility to count all votes. Results were announced at 3.00pm – we are pleased to announce that the party with the largest amount of votes was the Tomorrow Party. Party members delivered an acceptance speech, thanking the electorate and promising to uphold their manifesto.

Well done to all students that took part in the election process, especially to the parties for their creativity, hard work and dedication. In addition,  the community ambassadors supporting the organising of the day did a superb job.

Miss Webb, Head of PSHE