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Initial works completed

Significant preparations were made for the big building work over the summer break.

Most of you will be aware that we have been incredibly fortunate at Greenshaw to receive direct funding from the Department for Education for a rebuild of a large part of our site. This was based on a conditions survey several years ago that assessed the fabric of our buildings and the energy efficiency, amongst other factors.

They also took into consideration the difficulties with our large number of students moving around a site that was designed for so many fewer pupils sixty years ago. 

When we returned in September there were significant signs of preparations made for the ‘big building work over the summer break’. The unhelpful brick circles across the centre of the playground had been removed (that often led to trips to the First Aid room) as had the site manager’s bungalow. However, over the months since there has been little physical change to the outside spaces and students could be forgiven for wondering what is actually going on.

There has been a lot of work between the school and the contractors. This work, along with negotiations with UK Power Network and London Borough of Sutton regarding the installation of a new substation to power the new buildings, have taken a lot of the focus for school and DfE staff. But I can reassure you that all is still proceeding.

Works are planned to begin on site at the start of February 2024. The temporary buildings order has been placed, so that these can begin to be made off site whilst the contractual works are ongoing and protect the project timeline. 

Demolition works should then begin during the autumn term, with students planned to be using the larger of the two new blocks by June 2026. So, although there has been little construction work over the last three months there has definitely been a lot of progress and we look forward to the next steps in the new year.

Mr N House, Headteacher