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Student borough council

Greenshaw students attended the second Student Borough Council hosted by Glenthorne High School.

Greenshaw students Yoomi, Melodee, Jeremiah and Jaedine today attended the second Student Borough Council hosted by Glenthorne High School. The session focus was on community. Our students were extremely confident in sharing their thoughts and ideas regarding what community means, what is positive about our community, how a sense of community is promoted in schools and what could be improved in the community. 

The Trusell Trust presented to the students to highlight the work of local food banks. It was explained that the current need for families is increasing for food banks, and donations from the local community are vital to continue this provision. Students gained an understanding of what happens behind the scenes at a food bank. Food banks support families with about three days' worth of food to alleviate their short-term need, as well as give advice and support on how to use electronic vouchers issued by schools, and put them in touch with practical support from organisations such as the Citizens' Advice Bureau, health visitors, GPs, churches and the police. It’s not just about food – at the food bank, people can also get practical guidance and be directed to support for many different issues. 

Sutton Community Works presented the work they are doing in the borough. In Sutton High Street, the street pastors are out and about on Friday and Saturday evenings supporting with practical assistance, including giving space blankets to those who are cold, safety alarms and 'spikeys' to women, and even flip-flops for those struggling with high heels at the end of an evening. Sutton Street Pastors will also help those who are homeless, usually by signposting to other appropriate local and national organisations. The community food shop is another local initiative which helps people struggling on low incomes, enabling people to get out of food poverty. For £4 a week, a customer gets access to approximately £25 worth of food. 

Yoomi, Melodee, Jeremiah and Jaedine are keen to support our local food bank and would like to organise either a fundraising event or a food drive in the summer term.