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FINAL Fun Friday!

Keeping students and staff connected.

During the first lockdown, Greenshaw looked at ways students and staff could feel connected to their school community, while being at home. As we have now entered another extended lockdown, it is a difficult time for all of us, but particularly for our young people. To create a sense of escape, as well as community, students across the Greenshaw Learning Trust are once again being invited to take part in in the Fun Friday Challenge.

The challenges might be written, mathematical, artistic, physical or something else. We will text students to make them aware, publicise it on our social media channels, the school website and students’ Frog pages. Each challenge will last for seven days, with as many examples of student submissions being shared online as possible. The challenges are open to students in every year group, and staff are also encouraged to contribute!

Each Friday we share a selection of our favourite responses for that week from the thousands of students and staff across the trust, before then setting the challenge for the following week.

You can see last week's video here:

As all students return to school on Monday 8th March, this was our last Fun Friday challenge! Thank you to all students and staff that have participated.