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Donations for Ukraine

Greenshaw families respond to the Ukrainian refugee appeal.

At Greenshaw High School, we have been inspired by the generosity of students and their families this month in efforts to support citizens of Ukraine.

On Wednesday 2nd March, the Year 7 community started a collection of essential items to be shipped to Ukraine and Poland. After only two days' notice, we were greeted at the Year 7 gate by students, each holding bags that collectively contained hundreds of items thoughtfully sought from homes and supermarkets.

Our designated donation point, 'Prosperity', a Ukrainian café in Twickenham, was flooded with volunteers packing boxes and loading vans. Following a whole school assembly on Friday 4th March, and with the help of the Sixth Form team and Year 12 volunteers, our community collection spread across the whole school. Again, we have been truly inspired by the response of students and their families. We have seen families driving into our car park with a boot full of nappies, baby food, socks and scarves. The collection is now so vast that it requires multiple trips to the donation point each evening. In such a difficult time for many people across Europe, this has been a great reminder that small acts of kindness go a long way and truly make a difference to those in need. Thank you to all who got involved.