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The Greenshaw Fun Zone!

The Fun Zone was a great way to end the summer term.

Thank you all for your support over the last year. Having survived the summer term without any extended heatwave, and with the prospect of teachers’ industrial action ending before the new school year (all fingers firmly crossed) all seems to be heading to a restful close of the school year.

Restful is not a term I would use for the final week though! With the activity and excitement of sports days concluded, this week saw us open our ‘Fun Zone’. The sports hall was filled with a range of inflatable activities, loud music and fun fair stalls to celebrate the achievements and efforts of the 50 hardest working and best attending students in Years 7 to 10. It was brilliant to see students who had worked so hard relaxing, drinking slushies and taking part in a range of activities, including wearing blown up wrestling suits and racing over a course of inflatable objects. What a way to end the term!

Year 9 update – graduation to GCSEs

We celebrated Year 9’s completion of the year, prior to their full start of GCSEs next year, with their graduation. Complete with balloon arch and certificates, Mr Feenan (Head of Year 9) and I congratulated the students for their excellent work and efforts in our end of term assembly. As well as commending their achievements another highlight was the performance of our latest Greenshaw band, the ‘Green Turtles’. This is made up of Alessandro and Oliver on guitar, Joye on viola, Melissa on bass, Zuzanna on piano and Janine on vocals - all in Year 9. They are driven by Sam in Year 7 on the drum kit and the performance of The Green Turtles was one of the highlights of our assembly.

We have also been hard at work processing Year 9 students’ preferences for their GCSE courses and let students and students know about which subjects they had been allocated. We have worked hard to get students the courses they had most interest in, and continue to respond to any students where they would like their allocation reconsidered. Please be aware, as communicated previously, we may not able to always allocate all students an absolute match of their preferred subject choices but we are keen to see if any resolution can be found. Please stay in touch with us as we continue to work over the holidays. I think we have addressed most of the issues but if there is anything you would like to bring to my attention do email me personally at

Returning to school in September (Autumn Term)

School staff return to school on Monday 4th September for two INSET days, followed by induction days for Year 7 and 12 on Wednesday 6th September. The remaining year groups will come into school for the equivalent of a half day on Thursday 7th September. This day allows us to share timetables for the coming school year, have an assembly with their Head of Year, meet their tutors and get set for the coming year. From Friday 8th September all year groups are in for full days. Please see the tables below for full details of these arrangements.

The vast majority of our staff are on annual leave over the summer holidays but we will continue to check emails at and although the phone lines will not be constantly open we will check for any messages periodically. If there is something you need clarity on that you cannot find from our website please do feel free to message us and we will do our best to respond, but be aware this may take a couple of days.

I wish you all enjoyable summers. If you are lucky enough to be going away then I hope you have good travels, and for all of our families and students I hope they have restful breaks.

Mr N House, Headteacher