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Greenshaw High School

The Big Dance

Two very positive events this week.

Most weeks in schools have certain repeat events, such as assemblies and lessons, playtimes and lunches. But this week there were two annual events that were so positive, and will create memories of life at school that last for years and years.

The first is what we call ‘The Big Dance’. Seeing all of our Year 7 group, several hundred students, perform a fully synchronised dance in time with a medley of different music is amazing. Seeing hundreds of youngsters, all absolutely still before the music starts, then moving in perfect time to the track – and each other – is an absolute delight. Every year we do this and every year it is an extraordinary thing to witness, and shows how combining movement and music brings happiness.

The second event was our Year 11 celebration. Our GCSE students completed their exams on Wednesday, and they then came together as a year group, along with their teachers, to celebrate their successes over the last five years. We work really hard to ensure that students are supported through the possible challenges of the GCSE season, but we also know that this time can bring its challenges. So it was brilliant to share memories while enjoying ice cream and pizza with our outgoing Year 11 students. I’d also like to thank families on behalf of our colleagues for the cards and gifts that were shared with staff.

So in the same week, two one-off events happened, with our youngest and oldest lower school students, both events cementing the importance of those things that happen in schools. These are beyond just the lessons and hopefully create memories for years to come.

Punctuality to school

One of the things I also emphasise with students is the importance of setting high standards for ourselves. Part of this commitment is that we have high expectations of punctuality, especially at the start of the school day. We monitor students' punctuality to school every morning, and it is very important that students are in school, and on time, every day. Each minute of the school day provides an opportunity for them to learn, and it is noticeable when time is missed. 

I do understand that there can be issues with local traffic or public transport, and lateness may occasionally be authorised. What I am keen to address is lateness which could be avoided. For example, a student knowingly leaving home late, or walking slowly to school – rather than a known interruption to a bus or train service. The longer I have been in school, the more clear I am that one of the best things we can do is to encourage our young people to set themselves the highest standards in all aspects of their day to day lives. This includes being on time for school.

We close the school gate at 8:28am and all students are expected in their registration rooms by 8:30am. We are introducing a new follow-up for the small number of students who might be late, starting from Monday 1st July. Unauthorised lateness to school will lead to loss of social time at break and/or lunch and require students to remain after school for up to an hour on that day.

I want this to be explained to students so that they understand the reasons, and particularly why being on time matters. I am sharing this with families before we start the change, so we are clear on the reason why this matters, not just any sanction afterwards. 

Surrey Schools Athletics Championship 

Congratulations to the following students who represented not just Greenshaw, but the wider London Borough of Sutton, two Saturdays ago at the Surrey County Athletics Championship. Eloghene (Year 8, 100 metres), Philbert (Year 10 400 metres), Lexi (Year 10, high jump) all represented Sutton. Congratulations to Ben (Year 11, 800 metres) who finished second in his heat and progressed to the county final. 

Students of the week

Congratulations goes to our stars of the week listed below for maintaining their commitment, focus and sense of drive. Well done to all!

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Sixth Form





Robyn / Udo

School closure - Friday 28th June

On the evening of Thursday 27th June we have our Open Evening. In order to prepare for this, school will close from 13:20 and students will leave. Food will be available for all, including those students who are entitled to a free school meal, and this can be taken during morning break. Thank you to the many of your children who have volunteered to be tour guides or helpers in subject areas. 

The following day, Friday 28th June, is an INSET day so there should be no students on site for that day.

I wish every family a sunny weekend, and we look forward to next week, which includes a Year 13 celebration as the final A Levels are completed.

Mtr N House, Headteacher