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Supporting an important cause that is close to us

Supporting DEBRA's 'Life Free of Pain' appeal.  

Today sees our final public exams for this summer season. As our A Level chemists and mathematicians complete their last papers I want to let you know that our students have been fantastic over this period of time. They have been so committed, hardworking and unwavering in their efforts. I would also like to extend a huge thank you to the staff for their generous offers of time and care. I hope you all know my commitment to Greenshaw never becoming an ‘exam factory’ but a place of genuine learning. But there are times when additional support brings reassurance, and students and staff have worked alongside each other brilliantly this summer. 

Year 12 support with Oxbridge applications

As groups of students move on, we are always thinking about our next cohorts. Thank you to Emre and Sophie, former Greenshaw students, who earlier today shared their experiences of their times at Oxford University. They have met with 20 of our Year 12 students interested in applying to Oxbridge when they return to Year 13 in September.

A plea for support

At this week’s Year 11 leavers’ assembly we gave a number of special awards. One of these went to Fazeel who is an incredible young man. Fazeel joined us in Year 7 and completed his GCSEs, despite being in daily pain and taking a significant range of medication several times every day. Fazeel manages his medical condition, epidermolysis bullosa, or EB and has attended school and completed his exams despite the huge challenges he has faced.

You may have been aware that this week ex-Liverpool and Scotland footballer Graeme Souness has completed a swim across the English Channel to raise funds for research into treatments for people living with EB. Souness, like us here at Greenshaw, also got to know a young person with EB, 14 year old Isla Grist. He was saddened by the impact of the illness but also inspired by the courage of Isla. Souness committed to raising funds for the EB charity DEBRA’s ‘Life Free of Pain’ appeal, completing his challenge earlier this week.

If you were able to make any contribution to this great cause that would be hugely appreciated by all those families affected by EB, and particularly our own Fazeel in Year 11. Despite his pain and daily challenges he completed his GCSE exams this week and we are incredibly proud of his resilience and courage. The link to the appeal is here

Early closure on Thursday 29th June at 13:30, INSET day on Friday 30th June

I wanted to remind you that we are running our open evening for prospective students on Thursday. This means that we will close school after our fourth period, reducing any loss of learning as much as possible. Students may remain for lunch if they wish, but any student with an entitlement to free school meals will have their account credited to be taken at morning break so they can eat earlier in the day if they wish to leave at 13:30 with their peers.  

Students of the week

Congratulations to all the students below for their hard work and endeavours which have seen them achieve well. We are very proud of their achievements. Well done.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 12




Riley Katy/Lucy

I wish you all the best for the coming weekend, and hope you all have sunny and restful weekends. This goes out particularly to the 30 students in each year group that will be attending Thorpe Park for having the best attendance and highest achievement points – make sure we all wear hats and plenty of sun cream this weekend. 

Mr N House, Headteacher