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Greenshaw High School

Spring is on its way!

The final week of term is approaching and we will be teaching full lesson content until the end of term.

This week, I have had students wearing winter coats walking into school in the morning chill, but then complaining about the heat in the afternoon, so we can feel a touch more certain that the seasons are beginning to turn and spring is on its way, reluctantly.

At this turning point of the year, I extend all students in Year 10 all the best with their work experience placements that start on Monday. I also wish all of our Year 11 drama students the very best of luck with their GCSE performance examinations that take place on Monday. I had the pleasure of visiting their rehearsals this morning and the performances are really starting to take shape. The actors received final direction on intonation, pausing and hitting their marks, and it all looks really promising for next week’s exam.

The final week of term – full lessons to the end

Families will see that next week we are at school for the first four days, as next Friday is a bank holiday. Please bear in mind that all four days next week are full days of learning. Because we take a two week half term in October, that means that at the end of each term we continue teaching full lesson content until the end of the final day. If your child/ren tries to persuade you it’s not a ‘serious day’ please be armed with the knowledge from me that it absolutely is. 

The end of the day dismissal times on Thursday vary for different year groups and is:

  • 1:15 pm – Year 12 and 13 (or until the last timetabled lesson before that time)
  • 1:25 pm – Year 7, 8
  • 1:30 pm – Year 9, 10, 11

We would encourage students who require a meal, including those taking a free school meal, to do this during the morning break. We will offer lunch after the dismissal times above, but this will be a reduced offer as we will not be catering for the vast majority of staff or students.

The Easter 9-Day-Challenge

Congratulations to all those students who have maintained their attendance this week. There are currently over one thousand students who are still in the draw for perfect attendance over the last nine days of the term. I might need to expand the prize fund if this continues next week, but I am delighted that our attendance rates have been maintained so well. 

Students of the week

Congratulations go to our stars of the week listed below for maintaining their commitment, focus and sense of drive. Well done to everyone!

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Sixth Form






Mervyn / Anna

Wishing you all the best for a restful weekend.

Nick House, Headteacher