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Greenshaw High School

Positivity and achievement

The Easter eggs pictured were all donated by students and families and have been shared with our local community.

This term has been a time of positivity and achievement. For example, yesterday afternoon I spent a brilliant time with the most recent group of students to have achieved their fiftieth recognition point. To hear the students speak so eagerly about their learning was an absolute pleasure. I learned that reading the Odyssey in English had been “long, and really exciting”, received a very clear explanation about the water cycle in geography and had the method for calculating the area of a trapezium in maths explained perfectly. 

In addition, last week I attended the Year 10 achievement lunch (where students enjoyed free pizzas and other wholesome items) to celebrate with them their high levels of effort and focus. This week I have seen photographs of our students attending local care homes to give out some of the over 500 Easter eggs that have been donated by students and families. Each of these events, whether celebrating individual achievements or seeing our students take a lead as members of the local community, has been thoroughly uplifting. The final day of the spring term may have been a gloomy and rainy one, but it has been a great term overall.

Stars of the Term

Congratulations to all these students. Each embodies our school values and has been utterly committed to learning and making a real contribution. Well done all of you.

Congratulations to these students. Each embodies our school values, been utterly committed to learning and made a real contribution over the last five school days. Well done all of you.


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Sixth Form

Student of the Term







Year 11 families

Thank you to nearly every Year 11 family that attended school on Wednesday afternoon to receive your child’s mock GCSE exam results. We have put in place very deliberate plans for their preparation for the exams to be as supported and successful as possible and it was great for Mr Johnson to be able to share these with so many of you in person.

As a parent of a child taking their GCSEs this summer, I wish all students and families the very best for a productive fortnight, combining studies with good periods of rest. I am joining you in this time, so I fully recognise the importance of the next few months.

Update to school messaging system

During the Easter holiday we will be replacing our school communication system and our current messaging service will no longer be available. Please do not send any texts. If you need to contact the school please email, or to report your child's absence email All teachers email addresses are also available on the school website here.

Arrangements for the summer term

We look forward to welcoming all our students back to school ready to begin a new term on Monday 17th April. This will be ‘Week 2’, so please remind your child to pack the correct books for their Week 2 timetable. 

So, at the close of term, I wish you all the best for a happy and relaxing holiday and for those of you fasting, I wish you Ramadan Kareem.

I look forward to seeing all of our students, rested and well, in a fortnight.  

Mr N House, Headteacher