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Celebrating Black History Month

Our goal lies in ensuring diversity and equality are present throughout the year, but Black History Month is an important event in our calendar.

Last night’s open evening was a great success. The feedback was very positive and, as always, the student led tours were extremely popular. Thank you to all the students who supported this event both in the classroom and as tour guides.

Celebrating and learning about Black history and culture

This Black History Month, our theme is 'Proud to Be'; celebrating the success and acknowledging the history of the Black community in Britain and around the world. On Tuesday, all of our students watched an assembly presented by Mr House and Dr Grey-Areben (science teacher) on this theme and then had a period of reflection. In each subject, teachers will share stories of not only achievement, but excellence despite adversity; from poetry and literature to mathematical heroes and beyond. While we know our goal lies in ensuring diversity and equality are present throughout the whole year, Black History Month remains an important moment of recognition and pride in our calendar. 

Safeguarding and behaviour update 

You have probably heard in the news that the government behaviour advisor has been advising schools to ban vapes. We already list vapes as one of our prohibited items in our behaviour policy here, but I just wanted to take the opportunity to remind you to ensure that your child does not bring a vape to school. It is illegal to sell vape products to children under 18 and there are national concerns about children becoming addicted to the practice of vamping, as well as to the chemicals within them. 

Harvest Festival – helping others this autumn

We have always prided ourselves as a school on how we support others less fortunate than ourselves. For example, we collected food and clothing for the families of Ukraine and at Easter made donations of Easter eggs to local children’s hospital wards.

This week we have asked students to bring food items in for two local Sutton causes. Sutton Food Bank supports families struggling to meet their food costs and Sutton Night Watch helps feed and support the homeless. We are aware that families have their own cost pressures, and that they may already be making local donations. However, if they are in a position to help any of this list of items would be very welcome: tea, coffee, sugar, tinned meat (meatballs, chilli con carne, ham), crisps, biscuits, tinned fruit, tinned curries, tinned soups, pasta, rice, tinned pies and cereal bars. An item they do not need more of is tins of baked beans.

We will be collecting these items for the last two weeks of term, running up to Friday 18th October. Any donations should be brought to boxes in the main reception and then pupils should return to their gate they normally enter into school. I really hope that we can get many items as this would make a real difference to others, as well as building our pupils’ sense of community.

Students and tutor groups of the week

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Our congratulations go to all those listed for maintaining their commitment, focus and sense of drive – well done everyone.  

Wishing you all the very best,                                                                     

Mr J Mirtschin, Acting Headteacher