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Entry to Year 7 in September 2023

The Greenshaw Learning Trust is the admissions authority for Greenshaw High School. More information about admission to Greenshaw Learning Trust schools can be found here. The Greenshaw Learning Trust admissions policy can be found here.

The school has 314 places available in Year 7, which includes statemented pupils.

In the event of oversubscription, the following admissions criteria will be applied in the following order:

  1. To Looked After Children or children who were previously looked after.
  2. To those with exceptional medical reasons or exceptional social reasons.
  3. Up to 60 students who have successfully passed the Selective Eligibility Test.
  4. Children of permanent staff.
  5. Students who have a sibling at the school, up to and including Year 13, at the time of admission.
  6. The remaining places will be offered on the basis of proximity to Greenshaw, measured in a straight line from your home address.

All admissions are co-ordinated by the London Borough of Sutton.

To view the admission arrangements for Greenshaw High School, please click here:

For information on school admission appeals, please click here:

Our privacy notices can be found on our policies page here.

For queries or further information, please email or telephone the Admissions Officer on 020 8715 1001.

If parents/carers wish to apply under our social and medical criteria (see 2 above), they will also need to complete a Social and Medical Application Form, which can be downloaded here.

You can view our online prospectus here.