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School uniform and PE kit

Members of the Greenshaw High School (not in the sixth form) must wear school uniform when attending school and for all school functions, unless special permission is granted to the contrary.

School uniform

Non-uniform items will be confiscated until 30 minutes after the school day, unless advised otherwise.
If a student’s uniform or appearance does not match our expectations, they will have to correct it before being allowed into lessons.

Year 7 uniform

Compulsory items purchased from Banner (previously known as SWI):

  • School tie – Bottle green
  • Jumper
  • Trousers
  • Skirt
  • School bag

Compulsory items that can be purchased from any supplier:

  • White shirt
  • Black leather shoes
  • Black socks

Year 8 to 11 uniform

Compulsory items purchased from Banner (previously known as SWI):

  • Polo shirt/white shirt (Year tie worn with white shirt)*
  • Jumper*
  • Trousers
  • Skirt
  • School bag

*Old items of uniform will be gradually phased out and replaced with new items as old stock becomes unavailable.

Compulsory items that can be purchased from any supplier:

  • Black leather shoes
  • Black socks

School ties (from September 2020)

  • Year 7 – Bottle Green
  • Year 8 – Purple
  • Year 9 – Red
  • Year 10 – Yellow
  • Year 11 – White

All years – please note:

  • No additional clothing visible under uniform (e.g. long sleeved or high necked top).
  • Pleated black skirts must be worn to the knee.
  • Plain black tights may be worn. Patterned or flesh coloured tights are not permitted. Tights and socks must not be worn together.
  • Flat, black leather shoes; no sandals or sling backs, no boots including Kickers Kick Hi; no suede or cloth shoes, no Converse shoes or Vans. If a student wears incorrect shoes they will be expected to wear Greenshaw plimsolls.
  • Jumpers should not be tucked in, they must be worn properly or completely removed. A coat must not be worn as a replacement to the jumper.
  • Coats should be plain black or navy (one colour, no pattern, logo or writing). No denim, leather, imitation leather, fur coats, fleeces, hooded sweatshirts, body warmers or coats with woollen sleeves. In winter, a plain black scarf and gloves may be worn to and from school.
  • Headscarves worn for  cultural or religious reasons should be plain black and not obscure the Greenshaw logo.
  • Hair bands must be plain and only black in colour (no other hair accessories should be worn).
  • Hairstyle and colour must be natural and appropriate for school. No hair art, shaven or part-shaven heads.
  • Make up is not allowed, including false nails, eyelashes and nail varnish.
  • Items of jewellery are not allowed except a standard wrist watch and one pair of small studs worn in the ear lobe. No other  piercings are allowed.*
  • All electronic equipment, including mobile phones, smart watches and headphones should not be visible, heard or used on the school site. Failure to comply will result in confiscation of the item and a sanction will be applied.

*If a student has any other piercings, they will not be allowed to cover it with a plaster or wear any form of bar or stud, clear or otherwise at school. The school accepts no responsibility for any financial issues or risk of infection that arises if students are asked to remove piercings.

The uniform guide and order forms can be downloaded below.

If you have any queries regarding school uniform, then please contact the school office.

PE uniform

Items from our supplier (see below) – Greenshaw branded:


  • Vapour polo shirt (bottle green/black)
  • Aptus ¼ zip training top (black/white) – optional but highly recommended


  • Shorts (black/white) – choice of two lengths
  • Aptus training pants (black/silver) 
  • Aptus female leggings, (black/silver)*

*If students choose to wear leggings for PE/dance, they will be required to wear shorts or training pants OVER the leggings while they are in non-PE/dance lessons, i.e. for the rest of the day, before and after their PE/dance lesson. 

Items that can be purchased from any supplier: 

  • Sports trainers
  • White sport/trainer socks
  • Black football socks
  • Studded football boots**
  • Mouth guard***
  •  Shin pads****

**Studded boots must be worn when playing football or rugby on the school field to stop students from slipping and damaging knee and hip joints. Your PE teacher will advise when, and if, football boots will be required so that these can be purchased.

***Mouth guard – must be worn when playing rugby.

****Shin pads – must be worn when playing football and rugby.

Please also note the following requirements:

Due to the COVID situation, PE lessons will be outside as much as possible until further notice so students should wear an additional plain black base layer underneath their PE kit if they think they might be cold.  This can be long or short-sleeved.

GCSE PE or Dance:

  • Students who have opted to take PE as one of their GCSEs may wear the red GCSE polo shirt instead of the standard green one (order via PE dept).
  • Students who have opted to take Dance as one of their GCSEs may wear the black GCSE Dance round-neck T-shirtinstead of the standard green polo shirt (order via PE dept).

Apart from these two exceptions, GCSE PE and Dance students must adhere to the uniform rules above.

School uniform and PE kit is ordered direct from our specialist supplier, Banner (previously known as SWI).

How to order:

  • Online at and select the parents/school login link
  • By phone: 0845 5190099
  • By post to: Banner Ltd, Fairoak Lane, Whitehouse Industrial Estate, Runcorn, WA7 3DU. (Please download the order form below.)


  • Free home delivery on all orders over £70
  • Free weekly term delivery into school. Orders will be available for collection on Wednesdays after 3.00pm (term time only).

Returns and exchanges

Banner offers a 30 day refund or exchange period with Freepost returns.

If you have any queries, or need further information about ordering uniform, please contact the Finance Team on 0208 715 1001.