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Greenshaw versus the Hill: The Challenge

Take up the challenge and get walking!

Four Greenshaw students – Gloria, Ebun, Helen and Oliver – are Greenshaw’s Youth Travel Ambassadors. They work with Transport for London and the London Transport Museum to make travel safer, more active and more sustainable for students at Greenshaw.

Our travel ambassadors identified the problem that there are too many cars on the road near Greenshaw, which causes the following issues:

  • Heavy traffic along Grennell road at certain points at certain times
  • Concerns over safety of students crossing the roads
  • Pollution and reduced air quality (which can cause many health problems and trigger asthma attacks)
  • If students are in cars, they are not moving or exercising

Their solution is to increase the number of students walking to school, instead of coming by car. So, this week, they are running the ‘Greenshaw versus the Hill’ Challenge. It is a walking challenge, using a step counter app.

For one school week, (26th to 30th of June), students are being asked to walk to school, beat the hill and count their steps. Whoever walks the most steps in that week will win a FITBIT ALTA (one prize for Years 7 to 8 and one prize for Years 9 to 10). The runner up prize in each category will be a £20 amazon voucher.

Students are being asked to join the group today – Monday 26th – and get walking! A winner from each group will be announced on Monday 3rd July.