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Greenshaw High School

No Phone Friday

Greenshaw introduces a new mobile phone initiative...

Parents and carers may have picked up on a conversation from their son or daughter about  ‘No Phone Friday’ at the end of this week, on Friday 24th June, and the following Friday 1st July.

During assemblies Mr House, Headteacher, emphasised the positive aspects of mobile phone technology, but also talked about the negative features: "The latter include – for some people – an almost compulsive desire to stay in touch with the world through their mobile phone, as well as neglecting real relationships in favour of the virtual world of the mobile phone screen. Therefore, for each of the next two Fridays I am asking students not to use their phones when they arrive at school in the morning, or at break and lunch, but to talk with their friends face to face."

Form tutors have discussed this with their tutor group, encouraging pupils to reflect on healthy choices around phone usage. The school recognises that parents may want their son or daughter to carry a phone to and from school, and to be able to use it in an emergency. Therefore, students have not been asked to leave their phones at home, just not to use them on the school site.
Mr House added: "I am increasingly concerned that the mobile phone intrudes into pupils’ learning in an unhelpful way, and am considering adjusting our rules about this. I hope you will agree that approaching this conversation in an educational way enables our pupils to understand the reasons for considering a change to our phone policy in school."

Members of staff have reflected on their own phone use as adults over the last week, and a number have decided to make adjustments in how ‘dependent’ they might be on their handsets.

If you have any queries about this, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mr House personally at
There are two information evenings at the end of term for Year 10 and Year 11 parents. If you wish to attend on either Monday 27th June or Tuesday 5th July please let Linda Welch know at, if you have not already responded.
Nick House (Headteacher, Greenshaw High School)