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Alumni news

Former student is featured on Imperial College's website.

Former student Bethany Hoblyn left Greenshaw Sixth Form in 2015 to begin an engineering apprenticeship in operations and maintenance engineering at Imperial College, London.

She is featured on the Imperial College website home page as part of the university's campaign for International Women's Week.

"The engineers keep the building running. Without us there’d be no hot water, heating, no air conditioning, no lights, and that makes me feel good about my job because I know I’m making a difference to people. Engineering is a very difficult industry to get into for women because it’s not thought of as a women’s area. Stereotypically we are seen as weaker, so I do get a lot of comments and things. I get offered physical help a lot too. I think we’ve still got a long way to go with equality, and especially in engineering." – Beth Hoblyn, Apprentice Maintenance Engineer #ImperialWomen