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Selecting GCSE options in Year 8

In Years 9, 10 and 11, students follow a selection of GCSE courses that provide a balanced education and opportunities for career progression. Students study several compulsory subjects such as, mathematics, English (language and literature), double award science (covering all the core elements of biology, chemistry and physics), physical education and social and religious studies. In Year 8, students select these options following the subject fair.

To enable students develop areas of interest, they select six choices, four of which are allocated according to the best fit for the timetable. Option subjects selected should be guided by identified career areas or intentions to continue study at A level. Many students will not yet have decided on a specific career and should select options that provide a range of choices for the future.

Access to the options form on Frog
The options form will activate on 29th March 2018 on each student's Frog account. Students may alter the six preferences (in rank order), up to and including 19th April 2018. Any student unable to access the Frog account should notify Mr Bligh ( immediately. Once logged on, students should click the Options 2018 button (see below). The form will be open to amend from 29th March.

Students will have a meeting with a member of the year team or a member of the leadership team to discuss their allocated subjects after preferences are made. Families are consulted to ensure that appropriate choices are made where there may be any technical reasons for first choices not being provided.

Once all students have had an interview and classes have been organised, students will be issued a letter indicating the options they have been given. Year 9 will start KS4 timetables in September 2018. There will be a period of settling in to ensure the right choices have been made.

The Options Booklet 2018 can be downloaded below.