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Our vision

We are a forward looking school without limits;

a dynamic community; welcoming to all;

a family that values the journey and the destination.

We all take responsibility, believe in each other,

strive for success and lead by example.

We are ambitious, sharing an exciting vision,

building lives for the future.

Our classroom

Outstanding teachers:

  • have a passion for their subject and inspire it in others
  • engage, challenge and support all of their students
  • create classrooms that are safe, secure places to learn
  • monitor the progress of students throughout each lesson.

Outstanding students:

  • focus all of their energies on successful learning
  • take responsibility for their own learning
  • act in a considerate and co-operative manner
  • know what is needed to progress to the next level.

Growth Mindset

At Greenshaw we are looking to build a culture of ‘growth mindset’. The idea comes from research carried out by psychologist Carol Dweck. Her findings revealed two different attitudes towards learning – a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Individuals with a fixed mindset tend to believe that intelligence is given out at birth and cannot really be changed or improved, whereas those with a growth mindset think that intelligence can be shaped through sustained effort and learning from mistakes. People with a growth mindset work hard, take risks and are willing to make mistakes and learn from them.

We believe in the power of growth mindset and it will be at the heart of our thinking over the years to come.