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Greenshaw High School


Technology is split into four key subject areas. These include product design, graphic products, fashion textiles and food technology. All technology subjects involve both design and practical skills.

Technology subjects follow a design process from the initial brief which outlines the focus of the project, researching relevant information to help inform design ideas, a specification stating what the product must be or do, our own design ideas and final idea for our products, making the product using different materials. Finally, an evaluation of how well our product performs based on what we want it to do. Assessment is based on designing and making skills. In the department we also like to keep a clear understanding of how design and making is done in the broader outside world of industry.

Various trips are being developed including the Design Museum, V&A and others based on an architectural theme.

Downloads to help with classwork, extended work or coursework, can be found on Frog.

Miss A Paisley is Director of Art and Technology. Miss M Bowles is Head of Food Technology and Mr B Broniecki is Head of Fashion and Textiles.

Other members of the team are Mr D Clarke, Miss D Mountford, Ms F Parkinson, Mr D Rollins, Mr C Laurent, Miss L Alton, Mr D Holdsworth and Mrs K Vickery.‚Äč