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Care & Support

Ensuring that all students are happy, and feel safe, is our most important objective. Only when youngsters feel secure and confident will they be able to take risks with their learning, and make the fastest progress. Therefore, care and support are the first focus for our school.

All children are members of a tutor group when they first join the school. Students see their form tutor each day, and they are the first point of contact for advice and support. Form tutors support the members of their form group in many ways. These include: academically mentoring their tutees at particular points of the year, for instance when school reports are issued; supporting students with course choices for GCSE and A level; offering pastoral support with any issues being experienced; and supporting youngsters in all ways possible to ensure they are happy and successful in school.

Beyond each student’s form tutor there is a Head of Year and Deputy Head of Year. We aim for one of this pair to be a non-teaching member of staff, which gives greater flexibility for families to contact us during the day, and for us to respond speedily.

We also have a dedicated team of learning mentors through our department known as The Junction. These specialist staff can support youngsters with a wide range of needs, such as friendship issues or bereavement.

Our most recent Ofsted report stated that: “Exemplary care arrangements, combined with good relationships, are evident features of the school’s success. In particular, the inclusive nature of the school… the reinforcement of outstanding achievement at an individual level and the celebration of that by all contribute to an exceptional climate for learning, central to which is the principle of mutual respect and equality.”

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