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Selective Eligibility Test – 2021 entry

The Selective Eligibility Test for 2021 entry  that was due to be held on 15th September was postponed. The Selective Eligibility Test (and second stage tests for those schools who have these) will now take place on Wednesday 11th November; we will confirm further details.

The necessary delay means that the Selective Elgibiility Test will now take place after the deadline for submission of your Local Authority Common Application Form (31st October 2020). Any questions about this must be addressed to your local authority as schools do not have any involvement in this part of the process.

Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time. Registration is still open and there are no changes to the deadlines below.

The online registration is available to complete online from 1st May 2020. Please click on the button below. The closing date for the completion of the registration form is midnight on Friday 14th August 2020.  No late registrations will be accepted under any circumstances. Please note there is an earlier deadline of 19th June 2020 for submission of requests for special adjustments for candidates with SEN, and for supporting evidence (see further information below).

Advice relating to the SET Test
The SET is made up of two papers; a multiple-choice maths paper and a multiple-choice English paper. Candidates record their answers on a separate answer sheet by filling in a lozenge-shape for answer A, B, C, D or E. You can download an example of the answer sheet below. If candidates change their mind about the answer, they need to rub out as fully as possible the wrong answer and replace it with the new answer. The exam papers take between 40 and 50 minutes each and there is a rest and toilet break between the two.

You can download examples of the sorts of questions asked for the maths and English selective eligibility tests below.