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Home Learning (during school closure)

From Monday 20th April all year groups will follow a new remote learning curriculum. All work (Year 10 and 12) and daily schedules (Year 7 - 9) will continue to be accessible through the ‘My School Work’ button on Frog.

Choose the relevant year group below to view detailed home learning information:

Year 7 - 9

As before, all pupils will have a daily schedule when they log onto Frog, under the ‘My School Work’ button. This lets us see how often pupils are logging in, and to see how well they are doing. We know that it will not always be possible for our pupils to follow the activities at the times suggested. Please be aware that we check pupils have logged on and taken part, not what time they completed the work set. The schedule for this week is below:

Monday 20th April - Careers Day focused on using Unifrog

Tuesday 21st April – Developing independent study skills

Wednesday 22nd April – New curriculum launch (support videos to follow on this page)

Daily schedules, including links to lessons, available from 7.00am each morning.

The video below shows how to access the 'My School Work' section on Frog




Year 10

As before the holidays pupils will need to log onto Frog each day and access the 'My School Work' button.

Unlike last term, however, pupils will have several tasks set in a range of subjects. These will generally follow this format

1. 'Do Now’

Our pupils are used to this as they start every lesson with a brief re-cap of what we’ve done previously. This will hopefully feel familiar, and works as a good memory refresh. They will complete this before the main part of the lesson.

2. Main Lesson Content

Teachers have recorded a video presentation of that lesson’s topic. They will explain it, and sometimes have visuals to accompany their explanation.

3. Quiz

When pupils have completed watching the video there is a brief quiz. The purpose of this is to check if they have understood the big ideas. If not, pupils should re-watch a part of the video explanation.

4. Task

This will be a response to the teacher’s video. It will be completed on Frog.

Support Videos

It is recommended that all the following support videos are watched prior to starting any lessons. Each Friday students will complete short assessments, a video for which can also be found below.

Year 12

From Monday 20th April lessons will be assigned to students each day by their subject teachers. These will be available on Frog to complete and submit. Lessons will contain activities to check understanding.

The video below will outline the different activities and how to complete them.